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Travel Guidelines for Reviewers
State law requires that travelers use the most cost-effective method of travel. Travelers will not be reimbursed using a third party for travel (i.e., Hotels.com, Expedia, etc.). Business travel expenses will be reimbursed using the following guidelines. Travelers must submit documentation to address below within 3 business days of conclusion of travel. 
Meals: There is a set rate of $6 for breakfast, $11 for lunch, and $19 for dinner. Receipts are not needed. No meals or per diem reimbursement will be provided for same day travel.
Airfare: Airline cost must be pre-approved. Air travel may only be considered if the destination is more than 250 miles (one-way). Only coach airfare will be reimbursed. Once approved, make reservations early for most economical fare. If airfare is over $450 roundtrip, other transportation options must be explored. Car rental will not be reimbursed in addition to airfare unless approved in advance. Submit written pre-approval and itineraries including cost and boarding passes for reimbursement.
Car Rental: The state contract carrier must be used (Avis-Compact Car only, $26.50 daily). Reservations must be made in advance online at http://www.avis.com or by calling 1-800-338-8211 using the state of Florida reference number, AWD #A113400. If there is no Avis in your area, you may rent a Compact Car at Enterprise using the following link to make an advance reservation at the contract rate ($26.55): http://www.enterprise.com. Rental cars should be picked up and returned on the authorized travel dates (not the day before or returned the day after). If the Rental Car Agency is closed when returning vehicle, use ‘after-hours drop-off method’ by leaving key in lock-box or door slot. (Agency will email final receipt to traveler.) Prior approval is required if an upgrade is needed (larger than Compact/Class B). Vehicles must be returned with a full tank of gas. Rental surcharges (i.e., fuel service option) are not reimbursed. Rental receipt and gas receipts must be submitted for reimbursement.
Personal Car:  Travelers may use their personal vehicles with the understanding that they will be reimbursed at the lesser of the following two amounts. A MapQuest printout with driving directions is required, including vicinity travel (i.e., hotel to meeting, meeting to hotel).
1. The rate it would have cost to rent a car on the state contract (currently $26.50/day) plus the actual cost of fuel (receipts for fuel purchased on authorized travel dates - not day before/day after); OR
2. Mileage at the state mileage rate of $0.445/mile (only if expense is less than rental car rate).
Fuel Receipts   ALL TRAVELERS must provide fuel/gas receipts when using either a rental car OR personal car. Fuel receipts must be dated for the approved travel dates – not day before or day after.
Lodging: Traveler must be traveling over 50 miles from origin to receive reimbursement, unless previous authorization is granted. Please request government rates for State of Florida business (not to exceed $150 per night). The most economical hotel rate is required both in-state and out-of-state. Any amount over $150 per night requires prior justification and approval.
Submit zero balance hotel receipt for reimbursement.
Parking: Parking costs will be reimbursed for state business only. Receipts must be submitted.
Portage: May only be reimbursed at the rate of $1 per bag of state materials (not luggage).
Taxi/Tips: Taxi fare and tip receipts must be submitted. Tips are not to exceed 15% of cab fare. Taxis should only be utilized for short distances. If the cost of a rental car is less than the cost of a taxi, travelers will be reimbursed at the rental car rate ($26.50/day).
Tolls: You must stop and obtain receipts if you wish to be reimbursed for tolls. DO NOT use the rental car toll service (SunPass) offered through Avis.
** All receipts must have traveler’s initials and date **
Nickardo Salmon
Florida Gulf Coast University - College of Education
10501 FGCU Blvd. South – Merwin Hall #241C
Ft. Myers, Florida 33965-6565
nsalmon@fgcu.edu                    (239) 590-7593


Mail Forms with Receipts to:
Nickardo Salmon
Florida Gulf Coast University - College of Education
10501 FGCU Blvd. South – Merwin Hall #241C
Ft. Myers, Florida 33965-6565
(239) 590-7593


Travel Reimbursement Forms
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